I'm in my first gallery!!!!

I’m in my first gallery!!!!! 🤗 The wonderful Jodi from Blue Crow Gallery has a bunch of my pieces now and I managed not to cry as I dropped them off. This is honestly such an important moment for me. I’ll be 49 soon and this is my first ever experience having my art in a gallery. I’ve been working hard this past two years to get to a point where I even had the guts to approach a gallery. I’ve been hesitant for all sorts of reasons, but now I’m here damnit and I’ve earned it. This is a milestone I won’t ever forget. Thank you Jodi and the Blue Crow Gallery for giving me a chance. I am unbelievably grateful (oh damn, now I’m crying) 😭😭 If you can, please stop by Blue Crow Gallery and take a look. 1610 Gerrard Street East, Toronto ON. Tel: 647-427-2400



June 03, 2019 — Sara Purves